[D8837AAC], Letter from Sigmund Bergmann to Thomas Alva Edison, February 28th, 1888



"There is an endless trouble and fight between the Wiring Co. and The United Co.; in fact, with everybody whom the Wiring Co. deal with. We have changed the management and system several times, but without satisfaction. I would suggest now, let us throw the Wirking Co., which is, by the way, if it is managed right and properly, a very clean and profitable business, right into the United Co., and have it run from No. 65. Let the United Co. pay us each the money back we paid in, in three or four months notes. I had a talk with Johnson this morning, and he agrees with me that this ought to be done. If you give me the power for your share to act upon this, I will call a meeting of the United Co., and have this done at once." Yours truly, S. Bergmann "P.S.--The capital stock of the Wiring Co. is $50,000. We could use this stock to complete the payments on the capital stock of the United Co., which has got to be done in a short time anyhow, by transferring the investment in the Wiring Co. to the United Co., and the United Co. can return the amount to the stockholders as fast as it is able." tae MARG: "All Right. My experience with them and their actions with Auchencloss is scandalous E" "Ans Feb 29/88"]








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[D8837AAC], Letter from Sigmund Bergmann to Thomas Alva Edison, February 28th, 1888

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