[D8837AAJ], Letter from Charles J Klein to Charles Edward Chinnock, September 5th, 1888


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[D8837AAJ], Letter from Charles J Klein to Charles Edward Chinnock, September 5th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[ATTACHMENT---poor carbon copy] "The attached a map [unclear] Mr. Philipp in regard to the work at Mr. Burke's house in Orange. By way of explanation [unclear] ground wires. [unclear] contract was made with the Edison [unclear] Co., but the work however, was done by this Department. I used the Standard [unclear] Co. [unclear] ductor lead covered cable, and employed a man highly re[unclear] for this speical work. He has worked entirely on underground [unclear] Llewellyn Park, and was better fitted to do this more than any man I [unclear] The work was done during March, which was the starting of the wiring Dept., and I gave it personal attention. ### The underground cable was laid in a trought made of exposed lumber to which porcelain insulators were fastened inside, and the cable practically suspended in this trough. I consider this a first class way of running an underground main, and was in hopes that it would give no trouble. Mr. Patterson had special instructions that no joins in the cable should be made between the house connection and the light. It seems that although he reported that no joints had been made, that owing to a defective piece of the wire, caused by a kink in two places, he cut these out and spliced the new pieces. The trouble in our part of the work has all been traced to these two joints. One of them you have already seen. ### Much of the trouble has been caused in the fixtures, which we have from time to time repaired. The wiring of the fixtures an setting them up was done by Bergmann & Co. I send you herewith a sample of the lead covered cable which we laid showing how careless Bergmann & Co's men were in pulling the cable through the iron stem of the fixture. Another thing which has caused us considerable trouble and due to Bergmann Co.'s work, was that I ordered the lead cable left long enough to reach to the top of the lamppost, that is the cable was left about 11 feet out of the ground, and Bergmann & Co instead of making use of this, and drawing the long cable to the top of the post, where the proper connection with the branch wires could be made, cut it of short and spliced it nearer the ground in such a manner as to cause trouble. ### As the electrician at the Edison Laboratory says that these two grounds have now been removed from the system, I am confident that there will be no more trouble out there. I have used every effort [unclear] responded promptly to every complaint of Mr. Burkes which he had to make in regard to his system of wiring. [unclear] this has not been the only trouble with the underground system in Llewellyn Park as the electrician has himself and that all of the underground system originally laid has been replaced by new york." Yours respectfully, C.J. Klein




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