[D8837AAL], Letter from J B Varick to Charles J Klein, August 30th, 1888


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[D8837AAL], Letter from J B Varick to Charles J Klein, August 30th, 1888

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"When I went to Mr. Burkes the last time I reported at once to Mr. Kennelly of the Laboratory, and started to trace the trouble. I found that every lamp post was letting in water at every rain, and that the old lamp post at the bridge was burned through at the joint. All the lamp posts were wet at the joint of lead cable to the feed wire. At that time the cable was perfect, I am positive, to the joint in all lamp posts. I just finished connecting sockets on bridge post, having rewired the same from the case, and was about to tape and paint just outside the [unclear] when Mr. Fred. Klein came along, and said it was useless to go any further with the posts, as he intended to send out men the following day to make changes on all posts, as the work had been very poorly done. I went around with him to every post, and he said that the men that set posts had not obeyed orders, as every post would be a runway for water whenever it rained, as it had a clear run down the arm. I called on Mr. Kennelly that afternoon, but could not see him, so called the next day and explained the matter to him, and told him that Bergmann * Co were going all through the posts and would report to him when they were finished. I explained the case to Bergmann & Co.'s man, and he agreed to report to Mr. Kennelly when he finished. ### There is now probably a ground at the base of that post where the joint is made to the cable, as the water has been dripping down on it from under the lantern. The joint that I took out of the old lamp post was wound with two thicknesses of tape of the commonest kind and was very wet. If the posts have not been protected under the lanterns they will have trouble continually. There is not a broken lead cover nor an exposed joint, where it could ground, between the house and the post. Bergmann & Co. say that when their men went to Burkes they found all posts O.K. except the two light cost at South entrance, but they make a big mistake, as they found all wrong except eh single lights on Drive. George Sanford will testify to that."






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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