[D8839AAX], Letter from Frazar & Co to Everett Frazar, February 8th, 1888


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[D8839AAX], Letter from Frazar & Co to Everett Frazar, February 8th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[typed from Yokohama] "We have read with interest your favor of the 5th ulto. With the enclosure to which you refer, and regret to learn that the two Japanese (Niwas) from Nagoya have given you so much trouble. As the writer has just visited Nagoya, we are able to give you the latest information as to the prospects there. You have been already advised by cable that the Niwas have no authority to make any contracts in America or Europe.### The Secretary of the Gov. of Nagoya, as well as the Mayor of the town and several influential men there all agreed in confirming this. No final decision will be reached until the Niwas return. Their report will, of course, have much influence, but even were they to return with an adverse opinion of the Edison Light, we should still consider that we had a very good chance, with the aid of special friends, to secure the adoption of the Edison system. ### At the same time we are glad to learn that the Niwas have a good opinion of the Edison light and that they are likely to favor its introduction. They have been doing their best to bear down prices and we can only regret that we could not inform you, on good authority at an earlier date, that they had no power to contract. ### Nagoya, as you are aware, is not an open port, and there is the movements of all the Japanese leaving here who wish to investigate electric light matters. You will be quite safe in answering Mr. Edison and the Company that we are fully able to protect their interests in Japan and that the business is making as rapid progress as circumstances permit. This they should believe from what we have already accomplished, and anyone at all familiar with the peculiar characacter of the people and the country would confirm this. At the same time, if visiting Japanese have any reason to doubt that we are not the fully accredited agents of Mr. Edison and the Edison Elec. Light Co., our ability to push the Edison light will be destroyed and the Edison Co. must at once lose the valuable and extended connection which we have built up here with much expense and labor during the past three years. We fear from what you write the Niwas have sent home very misleading reports. This should be contradicted promptly by an authorized statement that we are Mr. Edison's Agents and also Agents of the Edison United Companies, and should be made in Nagoya or to the Niwas before they leave. ### In future we think the best plan would be to wire us as early as possible regarding any Japanese who come to you for estimates etc. It is quite probable that inquiries will be made in behalf of Osaka. While professing to deal with us here they may send a special agent to New York, so please be careful to get the fullest particulars from any Japanese who may present himself at the Edison Co.'s office or at your office, during the next two or three months was in assisting Congdon to wire the Boseki Mills and in some work on the Palace. We hope that he will return to New York and that his impressions will still be in favor of the Edison system. It is our wish that you should inform him he can make the best terms in Yokohama for an Edison plant on his return." Yours faithfully, Frazar & Co.






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