[D8839ABB], Letter from Frazar & Co to Everett Frazar, February 24th, 1888


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[D8839ABB], Letter from Frazar & Co to Everett Frazar, February 24th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Re. Miwas and Nagoya Plant. Yours of the 26th ulto. Is at hand and from our experiences here with Japanese of the Niwa type, we can understand the trouble and annoyance you have experienced. ### They are evidently intending to make the meet of their trip, but the Nagoya people, who can ill afford to waste money for their travelling expenses will find reason for compliant if they do not return very soon. Niwa was employed by the Tokio Elec. Light Co. to go to Nagoya in their behalf and interest the people there in electric lighting. It appears that the Governor of the Province, the Mayor of Nagoya and several of the more influential men were led by Niwa to believe if they employed him to go abroad and act quite independtly of the Tokio Elec. L't Co. they could buy to better advantage. By thus playing the T.E.L. Co. false Niwa and his Uncle induced the Nagoya people to give them this trip abroad and they have made many misrepresentations, we are told, as to high prices, etc. of the T.E.L. Co. We think you did all that was possible in New York under the circumstances. We enclose copy of a letter to the Governor's Sec'y Mr. Yangimoto, of Nagoya, who has a very high opinion of the Edison light." Yours faithfully, Frazar & Co.










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