[D8839ABM], Letter from Grosvenor Porter Lowrey to Thomas Alva Edison, July 13th, 1888



"We have this afternoon had a meeting of the Spanish Colonial Company,--it being somewhat difficult to obtain a quorum. ### Wednesday is the last day of the term prescribed for making a contract with the Havanah Company by the Agreements which have been shown to Mr. Tait, and by him, I suppose, to you. I am going out of town to-night to be gone for a week, necessarily. Will you come in and attend a meeting on Monday, or Tuesday at the latest? You are the President of the Company and I am assured that your signature to the papers will give them value beyond their commercial value in Havanah,--where it is proposed to carry on business under your name. I need not suggest to you that if this business succeeds it is liable to be an important customer for electric lighting material, as they propose to build a very large central station immediately. ### This is important. I fyou cannot attend personally, please write a letter asking the Company to elect Mr. Tait to represent you and I will see that there is a vacancy provided for him. I am in favor of making the contracts proposed but should be unwilling to do so except with your approval. ### Mr. Stone will be in town on Monday and will look after the affair, together with my sone Frank, so far as this office is concerned." Very truly yours, G.P. Lowrey [Marginalia: "Mr. Edison, Mr. Lowrey was called away from the office while above was being type-written and directed me to sign and forward it for him. Very [unclear] R.E. O'Brien"]








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[D8839ABM], Letter from Grosvenor Porter Lowrey to Thomas Alva Edison, July 13th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University