[D8844AAA], Letter from Edison Wiring Co, Augustus Noll to Charles Batchelor, January 10th, 1888



"Referring to the condition of the wires in Mr. Edison's house, I beg to state that I am willing and ready to make such changes in the Wiring so as to meet with your approval that is taking out the underwriters wire, but I beg to call your attention to the fact that the house was never wired for the three wire, in fact the three wire system was never mentioned, I have given instruction to rewire the main for the 3 wire system and arrange the circuits so as to meet the requirements for same, and to use Habirshaw wire, in reference to the switches, I ordered them from B+ Co expressly for Mr. Edison, on the suggestion of Mr. Sterenger, if as you say the switches are defective, I do not see how it is my fault, I believe the Edison Co. have a standard urging Committee if Bergmann + Co will take back these switches and supply new ones, I would be willing to take off the defective ones and recommit the new ones I propose to rewire every outlet that is defective, in fact, fix everything that is faulty and, I do not propose to render a bill for it but the changing of mains throughout the house necessitates extra wire and labor and as this had not been decided upon when wiring the house, I consider this extra work if you want me to change this and also put in new switches, arrange the circuits for 3 wires system I will do so, and only charge Mr. Edison the cost for same as near to Rock Bottom as possible kindly give this your early attention as I have men at the house at the present time and am anxious to finish as soon as possible." Respectuflly yours, Augustus Noll









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[D8844AAA], Letter from Edison Wiring Co, Augustus Noll to Charles Batchelor, January 10th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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