[D8845ACK], Letter from John Birkinbine to Thomas Alva Edison, July 30th, 1888



"Confirmatory of our converstation at your laboratory on Thursday the 26th, I agree to set with you in the matter of magnetic separation of iron ores, or metallic iron from waste, cinder, etc for one year from the 1st of August 1888 on the following basis. ### 1st I am to be recognized as your consulting engineer, and am to be given advantage of whatever information is obtained in the treatment of ores and metals by magnetic separation in your laboratory. ### 2nd I am to make such visits to your laboratory as will be necessary to obtain this information, and am to collect whatever data I can which I believe will be of service to you in this speciality and communicate it to you. ### 3rd. Whenever in the prosecution of my professional work I am called upon to visit iron ore mines, where your method of separation can be applied I will direct attention to the matter, and also give you such information concerning the mine as may be of service to you. ### 4th If desired I will prepare descriptions of the apparatus of its operation for the technical press or engineering societies, and will do all in my power and in the capacity of consulting engineer to advance the interests of your method of concentration, and increase its application. ### 5th. It is understood that my association in the capacity of consulting engineer with you is not in any way to interfere with my connection in the same capacity with Messers. Witherbees Sherman & Co., nor in any way influence my action concerning their proposed concentrating plant. ### 6th. For my services I am to receive a compensation of twenty five hundred dollars ($2500) per annum, payable in monthly instalments." Yours respectfully, John Birkinbine [Marginalia: Tate-write + accept the proportion which is to continue from one year from Aug. 1888 I will sign it." E]








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[D8845ACK], Letter from John Birkinbine to Thomas Alva Edison, July 30th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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