[D8845AEH], Letter from Osgood S Wiley to Thomas Alva Edison, October 12th, 1888



"At Cal Gourad and Mr. Dredge's suggestion I calbed you today to expedite European Ore Patents and send us also American patents. Already it has been noised abroad Another Edison scheme is to be shown here and I have been cautious not to say what it is until I am sure it is protected Thro Mr. Dredge and Cal G. I have arranged to put it up at the Crystal Palace and am having magic lantern slides made to be shown at the same time as those of the Phonograph. All this has been arranged and recommended by Cal G. & Mr. Dredge I shall not make any move without first consulting them. We shall give it a big boom and its success is gauranteed I am sure. I have already been interviewed by several people who have found out about it and I have told them they would have an opportunity to see it at the proper time. It will be well to let them run after us somewhat to weigh and consider all propositions before arriving at any conclusion in a hurried manner. I am glad of your successful achievement regarding the new wax and you can rest assured this one scheme will be another." Yours Respy O.S. Wiley "Please mail all letters care Col G. 181 Queen Victoria St"








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[D8845AEH], Letter from Osgood S Wiley to Thomas Alva Edison, October 12th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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