[D8845AEZ], Letter from George D Dickson to Alfred Ord Tate, October 20th, 1888



"I take an early leave to write the result of my day at the Consolidated because if I wait until I get to day office it will be a [unclear] if other days so much [unclear] that I cannot write or [unclear] a letter to you. I spent Tuesday the 16th write SW Robertson who readily lent himself [unclear] purpose [unclear] he is anxios to do anything which way lead to a re opening of the works. I've went thro the buildings [unclear] the [unclear] works first at the Sou East end of the building are two [unclear] iron [unclear] one of which is sually large Mr. R thinks that largest made built in substantially [unclear] bricks with glue leading with the condencsing [unclear]their age 25 chambers in the [unclear] apartment all brick work and arches with him [unclear] and clamped with iron and leading up there will [unclear] how black or chimney on the opposite or East Side of the [unclear] in a series of 9 chambers of similar construction for [unclear] the [unclear] and making it while there is an [unclear] flavor a 50 about home power engine for the masters the series of [unclear] and my [unclear] chambers [unclear] feet- we had no particulars for [unclear] Mr. Thought over 300 feet. Every thing in this apartment is of the [unclear] approved matters and substanted construction and Mr. R thinks with same [unclear] attention by knwoing an arch which he thinks [unclear] with same gases at one. Point too high and by this application is done may if cold to [unclear] more rapidly and effective (as there is still [unclear] escape of arsenci through the chimney) it would do project work each chamber [unclear] it would do perfect work each chamber turn lathe and opening at the top as well as on [unclear] side. There is [unclear] on this [unclear] a brick furnace and with 4 chambers + [unclear] with elevator [unclear] with [unclear] attached and parallel with the chamber men is the [unclear] in it is a . [Rest of letter is illegible, save for editor.]









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[D8845AEZ], Letter from George D Dickson to Alfred Ord Tate, October 20th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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