[D8845AFB], Letter from Walter Seeley Mallory to Thomas Alva Edison, October 27th, 1888



[Marginalia: "Write + say I have nobody at Laboratory at present to put on it perhaps he [unclear] come down + go into it himself."] "For the past ten day I have been investigating roasting furnaces, and find they are so varied that I cannot tel just what we need for the hematite: some roast for long time-some by bringing the ore in contact with the flames, some by the application of heat through an iro or steel plate: so I have been trying to determine just what we need, and having only a [unclear] forge and a common store, my results have not been of such a character that I could tell exactly what [unclear] best heat or time etc:- I have succeeded in making the hematite magnetic, in a more or less degree, almost every time-but my results do not always correspond so I can depend upon any special time or heat: so have asked Mr. Hussey to ship some hematite to Orange if you can spare the time-everything pertaining to the new works in ready except the building which has been delayed by bad weather but which hope to have under roof in a week from now + the plant running by Nov. 15th: so from now to then I will not be very busy, and if you can spare me any time I would like to come down and get this matter settled if it is not necessary for me to come, I would like the tests made + results ent me- the reason I am so anxious to get them is because I find some furnaces will make the cost of roasting so much that would spare the profit- while others, if [unclear] arrives our work, will do it very cheaply: so do not want to invest any money in hermatite or cheaper options until we know where we are- have succeeded in making 'Republic' Specular magnetic-this takes all three kinds now-what specular requires is a 'white heat'-kindly let me hear from you with kindest regards to Mr. Edison + yourself I am" Yours respectfully, W.S. Mallory








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[D8845AFB], Letter from Walter Seeley Mallory to Thomas Alva Edison, October 27th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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