[D8845AFP], Letter from William Warren Dean to Alfred Ord Tate, November 12th, 1888



"Referring to my telegram of [unclear] today 'new complications [unclear] others take the profits." I sent this one recipet of the enclosed from Dickson the meaning of his telegram is others the [unclear] in my letter of yesterday, has a cablegram that the exper has started for this country. The Belleville man was making arrangements to have the [unclear] shafts [unclear] out that he might give the prospect in thoro examination. The Belleville man is John [unclear] old friend + a particular of Dickson in mining matters, they were confidants but of course Dickson couldn't tell him what we were doing, he has been waiting one saying we would leave to open the matter up to McFee before we go through for he was all the same track to get possession of the consolidated we would only clash + spoil it all when I got the enclosed telegram I wired Dickson. 'Explain position as you suggest stop pumping if possible.' And [unclear] hope we may be able to back the other matter Dickson asked McFee the other day if he would join him + throw other parties overboard if he could show him a better thing he said he would. Now you see the absolute importance of which [unclear] being able to tell McFee at once that we are going to get up something that weill carry the country. If McFee is satisified of this he can easily manage to disappoint the expert but it must be known at once to MrF's satisfaction. ### You expected to have the report by a week from 29 Oct. it is now two weeks. ### I did not trouble you with all these details as though yu would accept my assurance of the importance of quick work there are other reasons why we should keep McFee in hand in respect to the purchase of the hands. He is, [unclear] none than abreast of us in that matter as well, but an explanation would take too long. ### As things now stand, the matter appears to be about thurs. ### If we can't get the assurance that Edison is prepared to report favorably on the ore + its working at once, the other parties will get ahead. Don't flatter yourself that they won't go on without his process. David's process was about as good, McFee knows it + now a mill it sucessfully. The geat point in Edison's process is the prestige of his name where with to conjur with the public in great haste. Wm W. Dean









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[D8845AFP], Letter from William Warren Dean to Alfred Ord Tate, November 12th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


November 12, 1888

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