[D8845AFU], Letter from William Warren Dean to Alfred Ord Tate, November 14th, 1888



"I have just got your telegram + am glad so far. Dickson + McFee met me last might at Park Slope-McF. Told me his whole story-last fall or winter he went to London with samples be from the Feigle (What this [unclear] is see below) he also has samples from the Consolidated + from ours- some people there were so pleased that they promised to [unclear] an their expert at their own expense to examine it when he should get back to England, he was just leaving for Hungary + so and to Southern India to exam properties he did not return a week or two ago, when they cabled, + he has started. McF made an offer to them of the Feigle-wh. He has worked + talked to them of our belt, they said [unclear] our expert everything when he comes it will cost no more. He is pumping out the Feigle + [unclear] just caught him in time to stop a letter already written to the fall [unclear] to get them to pump and also all this now stands. He will show the expert the surface of our belt, that's all he can do + that will keep them at bay for a time, meanwhile what he comes for , the Feigle, will he examined fully- this leaves us ahead but if we hadn't caught McFee an the [unclear] the fact would have been in the fire. ### The Feigle is a mine of [unclear] up the river from our phase about 5 miles north of the Consolidated it is not usually regarded as part of [unclear] but is up the same 'geological horizon' (how is that for high). ### I await your letter with what [unclear] _ can see more [unclear]." Wm. W. Dean









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[D8845AFU], Letter from William Warren Dean to Alfred Ord Tate, November 14th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


November 14, 1888

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