[D8846AAU], Letter from Dyer and Seely to Thomas Alva Edison, May 4th, 1888


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[D8846AAU], Letter from Dyer and Seely to Thomas Alva Edison, May 4th, 1888

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"Your case No. 487 which describes painting the clamps of a lamp filament before exhausting the lamp with bichloride of platinum and claims broadly exhausting the lamp with a chemical or chemical compund in the globe has to be acted upon in a few days. The objection to the case, which the office has made and repeated several times is that there is no reason to belive that the invention has any useful effect. The specn says that it quickens the exhausting process, but the office thinks this is not so. What has to be done is to furnish a convincing reason why it is a good thing or [unclear] get an affidavit from or expect that it is all right. Is the [unclear] of any value and do ou want to prosecute it further, or shall we let it drop. Please instruct us at once, and if you want to do anything further you will have to give us the points for an argument." TAE marg: "The cholorine given off combines with the mercury vapor left in the Lamp which reduces the electrical carrying & makes the vacuum higher-The Chloride of mercury formed ] is a solid hence has no vapor tension. Any chemist might at once see this."








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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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