[D8846AAX], Letter from Dyer and Seely to Thomas Alva Edison, May 24th, 1888


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[D8846AAX], Letter from Dyer and Seely to Thomas Alva Edison, May 24th, 1888

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"We enclose a preliminary statement in an interference with [Pfaunkuche?] on putting an alternating source of current and a continuous one in the same circuit. Your appli was filed Jun 5. 88. It was prepared from your letter dated Dec. 21 87. We have however a letter from you dated Oct. 25th 1887 proposing the same idea but with a secondary battery [unclear]of a dynamo for the continuous source. Hence we fixed the date of intervention by the earliest letter. We inclose the declaration a [unclear] so that you can see the points. ### Edison + Shallenberger We inclose are awarded preliminary statement in this case agreeing with the data we have on hand. The first statement made the invention as of [unclear] 1886. This case is on charging the field of two or more alternating [unclear] machines from a continuous [unclear] dynamo. ### Kindly return these preliminary statements property signed by first mail. ### We inclose two cases an the gas incandescent matter to take the place of the one in the Patent Office on which we have up to the present time been unsuccessful. ### We inclose a case on making duplicating stencils to go into the interference in which Dick is. This is to help Dick out against the other fellows. ### We inclose a phonograph case on arranging the cutting off tool to work simultaneously with the recorder."








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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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