[D8846ABX], Letter from Henry W Seely to Alfred Ord Tate, October 12th, 1888


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[D8846ABX], Letter from Henry W Seely to Alfred Ord Tate, October 12th, 1888

Editor's Notes

We have to day sent to Col. Gouraud, two Portugese powers of attorney which complete the powers for cases 80 0: 87, the others hay ing been forwarded some time ago. Mr. Edison de si r.ed us not to send to Col. Gouraud any powers for countries in which the term of the patent is less than fourteen years, and we have therefore retained the powers signed by Mr. Edison for Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Argentine Republic, Russia and Denmark. In the powers for Austria, Italy, Portugal and Turkey, in which countries, patents are granted for different terms up to fifteen years, we insert ed a clause to the effect that the powers were only to obtain patents for fifteen years and for no less term.##We return Col. Gouraud' s letter to Mr. Edison, of Sept. 7th, 1888 . From this letter the Colonel would appear to have a wrong idea of what the point is about patents in short term countires. He says he is advised that it is safe to file short term countries after all the long terms have been filed. Of course he is wrong in this, since the law in the United States limits a patentto the term of the prior foreign patent having the shortest term, not to that of the earliest foreign patent,which I should imagine must be Col. Gouraud' s idea. The relative dates of the prior foreign patents have nothing whatever to do with the matter.##Col. Gouraud's explanation in regard to Denmark seems satisfactory. He however says nothing about Portugal and we have been confidentially informed by our agent in Paris who, we instructed to look into the matter, that two Portugese patents have been granted for five years each. As I understand the agreement between Mr . Edison and Col. Gouraud, this is a di Tee t violation of it.Our agent also informs us that in Russia two ten year patents have been applied for, but they had bet been actually issued et the time the search was made. Col. Gouraud does not say whether he is making any effort to keep the Russian patents from issue. However, a.s it takes a long time to procure patents in Russia, the chances are that it will be all right there.





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