[D8846ACW], Letter from Dyer and Seely to Alfred Ord Tate, December 27th, 1888


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[D8846ACW], Letter from Dyer and Seely to Alfred Ord Tate, December 27th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[patent law; foreign patents] "We have received from Col. Gouraud a list of the foreign patents for the phonograph for which he has applied for and obtained. The list seems to be complete except that he does not state what terms he paid the fees for in Austria and some other countries. We have asked him for this information. ## We have made a careful examination of the schedule and it appears that the only patent which has been seriously affected by foreign patents is United States Patent No. 386,974 dated July 31st, 1888 which appears to be limited to five years from May 30th 1888, the date of a Portugese patent issued under Set 84 for five years. It appears that this Portugese patent has been extended to fifteen years since the issue of the United States patent, but under the decisions this subsequent extension has no effect on the limitation. The United States patent referred to is one of considerable important, as we understand, covering the phonograph as it existed in November 1887 and having a number of claims to constructions which are used in the present phonograph. The other United States patent which is included under Case 84 was fortunately issued a few days before the Portugese patent was granted. ### Under Set 85 a Portugese patent was issued for five years from June 28th 188, but as it accidentally happened the only patents so far issued here under this set were issued before that day, and as the Portugese patent has now been extended to fifteen years, it will probably not affect the patents which we still expect to obtain under that set. ## We have advised Col. Gouraud that there is now no objection to his obtaining short term patents u nder Set 84, since both the United States patents which are included in that set have been issued."





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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