[D8847ACF], Letter from Gaston and Marsh to Thomas Alva Edison, September 18th, 1888


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[D8847ACF], Letter from Gaston and Marsh to Thomas Alva Edison, September 18th, 1888

Editor's Notes

Want to add a point about the North American people. It would appear that the American Graphophone Co. has the whip hand of Lippincott. Writer learned while on train that the Wisconsin Co. tendered Lippincott last half their payment, for which he would only give them the company's receipt, putting them off when they asked for franchise. They refused to pay him the cash without the franchise, and the matter so stands. This may be on account of the North American not having authority to issue franchise since they have money yet to pay you; but it struck us that the Graphophone Co., having the upper hand of Lippincott in some manner, was dictating new conditions to him, and he did not know what would come next. We know a case in point, when after he had issued contracts for the organization of state companies, they dictated a clause to him, compelling him, whenever the name of the North American Phonograph Co. was mentioned--or any [unclear] company--, to add, "and Jesse H. Lipppincott, Sole Licensee of the American Graphophone Co." You discussed this point with the writer, you will remember. ### We understand (but don't vouch for the truth of the statement) that the man who was to organise the New England Co. failed and that it has been offered Cheever and the other New Yorkers. Also understand that Cheever has not yet accepted his option on N.Y. City (don’t vouch for this either) though Lippincott says that the $300,000 of stock that the Metropolitan Co. designed to sell is practically all disposed of at 50c. There are a good many other lessr rumors, which presume would not interest you. Our Co., we believe, will be on a safe basis within a few days. Yours Gaston & Marsh [Marginalia unclear--leave for editors]




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