[D8848ABP], Agreement, Edison Phonograph Works, Brown (C.H.) & Co, Thomas Alva Edison, May 23rd, 1888


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"We will build for you, in the best manner, and of the best materials, one of our Automatic Cut-off Steam Engines, having a cylinder 16 inches bore, by 42 inches stroke, and Pulley Balance Wheel 14 feet diameter, by 25 inches face, turned for belt. ### The Crank Shaft and Connecting Rod to be made of the Best Forged Iron; the Piston Rod, Cross Head and Crank Pins of Steel; and such small parts are most liable to wear, of Steel, and hardened. With the engine we will furnish Stop Valve, Governor, Oil Pump for Cylinder, Sight-Feed Oil Cups, and all necessary wrenches. ### We will furnish the time of an Engineer to set up and start the engine, without charge for his services, you to pay his travelling expenses and board, and furnish all necessary assistance together with proper tools, for handling and placing in position the heavy parts. Should there be delay in setting up the Engine, occasioned by imperfect foundations, or by waiting for the same to be constructed, or for pipes, belting, &c, the time of the engineer during such delay to be charged in the account. ### You to provide Foundations and everything pertaining thereto, with the exception of Foundation Drawing, which we will furnish. ### Engine to be delivered F.O.B. cars in Orange, N.J. and to be shipped within five weeks from receipt of an order. ### Price, Twenty-three hundred dollars ($2,300). Net Cash, payable when the engine is set up and in running order; or if you should be tready to have it shipped or set up at the time agreed upon, payment to be due at the time the engine would have been ready to run if it had been shipped and set up at the time stated. ### Title to the Engine not to pass until it is paid for in full. Yours truly, (Signed) C.H. Brown & Co. We accept the above proposition." EDISON PHONOGRAPH Works, BY Thomas A Edison








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[D8848ABP], Agreement, Edison Phonograph Works, Brown (C.H.) & Co, Thomas Alva Edison, May 23rd, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University