[D8849AAY], Letter from Thomas Bernardr Connery to Edwin M Fox, August 12th, 1888


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[D8849AAY], Letter from Thomas Bernardr Connery to Edwin M Fox, August 12th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[from "Mexico"] "I have just received yours of Aug., 2nd ten days after its mailing. ### I wish hereafter you would write direct to me at this hotel, as it will save valuable same. Always a put on, our letters' 'via Eagle Pass.' ### I note what you say about the draft of the proposed contract, endorsed by Edison and forwarded to Col. Gouraud. I pray it may be accepts by the latter for it would be a fearful disappointment to me now where he (G) to refuse. I have had to give everything, I may say, to be free to work up the phonograph, the importance of which I did not fully grasp until I had read the N.A. Review article and reflected myself on the possiblities. I deserves all my time and attention, and after what you have written me I have been fearfully anxious and excited. ### Was it the N.A. Phonograph Co., that brought Edison's right for the U.S.? Who are the purchasers? Are the Bell Telephone people under another name? ### You say that when you came you will bring a machine and some cylinders leased with communications for prominent people. That is a good idea but [unclear] neglect also to bring some origin cylinders on which we say put messages from the most distinguished people here. ### You say you hope Gourad has made no entanglements but I think were that the case Edison would know it, and I suppose nothing would be done without action of both Edison and Gouraud. ### Another point, has Mr. Edison taken steps to secure patents in Central America? If not, no time should be lost. I should like to have full particulars on this point at once. I would like also to have a letter from Mr. Edison to his patent lawyer here in order to consult with him about certain points which I consider of great importance. ### Present my grateful acknowledgement to Mr. Edison, and believe me," Yours sincerely, T.B.C.





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