[D8849ABE], Letter from Edwin M Fox to Thomas Alva Edison, August 20th, 1888


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[D8849ABE], Letter from Edwin M Fox to Thomas Alva Edison, August 20th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I dislike to intrude business upon you in vaca-time, but learning from your secretary that you are liable to remain away a week longer, and realizing that delays are dangerous concerning your securing the Governmental concessions in Mexico in advance of the graphophone peope people, I send you this letter. ### I learned, accidently to-day that a prominent Mexican house was in negotiation with the graphophone parties. The latter I know are in position to furnish machines and they are exceedingly active. Probably the splendid start you have made in Europe will deter them from competing there which is all the more reason they should caprue the countries on this side of the Atlantic. ### Should they get first in the field in Mexico, that territory would be practically lost, for although their machine is far inferior to yours they will have the concession and friends and be so strongly fortiefied as to be impregnable. I am in receipt of letters from Mr. Connery which I am charged not to let go out of my possession (but which I will show you on your return personally) which demonstrate that if he is permitted to move at once, there will be nothing to fear from opposition. You can see by the tone of the enclosed that he is most earnestly worked up in the subject. I have written him conservative letters, saying he must wait Col. Gouraud's pleasure and if it were not for the inteligence I received about the graphophone people to-day I would not of course trouble you. ### What I suggest is that you apprise Col. G., but cable of the urgency of the situation in Mexico and get an authority for Mr. Connery to arrange for the necessary concessions etc. ### It would be a pity to allow the enemy to get a foothold there when it would be so easy to checkmate them by prompt action, and especially when we have the means of doing it, only waiting for the word. ### So far as terms are concerned that need not stand in the way, for if you have a voice in the matter, I am sure Mr. Connery would be entirely satisfied from his knowledge of you, that the terms would be fair and equitable. ### I deem this matter so important for both yours and Mr. Connery's interest that if you were delayed on your trip, I would not hesitate to call upon you in the West in order to lay the urgency before you." Respt'y yours, Edwin M. Fox "P.S. Mr. C's glowing letters of the absolute certaintly of a great success in Mexico and his general inducements have made me so enthusiastic that I would individually be greviously disappointed at his failure." E.M.T.





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