[D8849ABG], Letter from Thomas Bernardr Connery to Thomas Alva Edison, August 20th, 1888


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[D8849ABG], Letter from Thomas Bernardr Connery to Thomas Alva Edison, August 20th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"The enclosed letter of Col. Gouraud of London to Mr. Fox I send to you to read, working yrs afterwards 2--and it to Mr. Fox 140 Nassau Street. ### Mr. reason for sending it to you is because I seem to have been under a fundamental error about the matter. I was under the impression that you had endorsed my application for the night to introduce the phonograph in this country and Central America, and that Col Gouraud's assent was only a matter of form. From the peculiar phraseology used by Col Gouraud I am wholly unable to understand what the situation really is. He speaks of considering my application when the time arrives for appointing agents, which is as much as to say that when that time comes my application may or may not be acceptable. I can extract no other comfort from it, and that appears to me to be very cold comfort. ### In the meantime supposing there was no doubt about the concession being granted--indeed I considered your favorable opinion as good as a conclusion of the thing, subject to reasonable regulations that I have acted here as though I were the veritable defacto concessionaire, and [unclear] a number of wealthy and influential people on the subjects, always, I must say, with the most flattering prospects. I gave up all my other business also and devote myself to the phonograph. But that is nobody's fault but my own. My sole object in laying the facts before you is simply to ask whether there is any immediate prospect of the thing being decided. Col. Goraud's language is so vague that it might mean weeks or months yet before any decision is arrived at, [unclear] I should be waiting here with my hands tied, for I feel that I can not [unclear] go any further until I know exactly where I stand. Therefore you will greatly oblige me by sending me a line, at your earliest convenience explaining what you consider the outlook to be. ### I gave the Mexica Financier--the [unclear[ proper in Mexico--the North American Review [unclear] on the phonograph, from which it published an interesting summary of your own description. If I had diagrams and a good description of the ore milling process I would have as good article also published in the Financier and the Nacional which subject be of service here on after. If you can send one [unclear] material I will make good use of it here. ### If there is really a prospect of a long delay before Col Gouraud comes to a decisions I would rather go on to N.Y. at once, and make good use of my time there. At any moment I could return and make the best use of my influence here in your interst and my own. But I don't want to leave if you think the thing will be arranged at an early day. ### Please do your best for me, in this matter, and you will be doing me a very great service at the same time. ### I hope you are well and [unclear] and prospering as usual. You may show this note to Mr. Fox if you see him." Yours faithfully, Thomas B. Connery






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