[D8850AAW], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Samuel Insull, February 14th, 1888


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[D8850AAW], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Samuel Insull, February 14th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"From the letters I have received from all parts of the world on the mere rumor that 'the phonograph is coming', it is quite evident that a big Edison Boom is in the near future. ### My preparations for this campaign are very different to what you saw in the early Telephone days. Now it occurs to me that the extensive correspondence and almost world-wide system of agencies I shall have, may just as well as not be used for extending the sale of your 'Edison Manufactures', so far as your contracts will admit of it. If you think well of the idea give me complete list of articles and prices, and I will print the former on all my letter heads, prefixing to each Edison's Phonograph, Edison's Pronograms, Edison's Dynamos, Edison's Conductors, Edison's Covered wire, Edison's Telephone, etc, etc, etc, following with the name of each of his well known inventions, right down to the bottom of the sheet, -in the continental style, -and on the back can be a print engraving of your works at Schenectady, and of the Lamp factory and of Bergman's, of all of which 'Edison L'd' of London can be the Agency. If you approve for Edison's Machine Works, please inform Lamp Factory and Bergman that you do and get Edison to tell or advise them to do likewise. Dyer has been over and thinks it a capital idea, and will so write you. I thought it might stand over till he goes over in April, but the free advertising you can all get by our beginning at once has just struck me. I have taken a fine suite of offices in Queen Victoria 181, -1st. Floor, most central and 'first class'. ### Page wont agree to our selling lamps of American manufacture, but would be glad to have us do any plant business,-Dynamos etc. ### I hope you are flourishing and making a success of your grand works, and that we may soon be talking with each other across the deep. Immense idea is it not? How does Powers suit you? ### We are only now having winter weather. My building is finished and you would not know the old home you remember. With kind regards" Yours truly, G.E.G.







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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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