[D8850ACK], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, August 4th, 1888


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[D8850ACK], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, August 4th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[Phonogram from Gouraud to Edison] "I was delighted to receive your cable message this week, informing me that you were sending large numbers of Phonograms of music and voices, and I can count upon their leaving New York today, as promised. You must have made some great improvements to render a voice audible to a considerable audience as your cable states. It is very important for puposes of [unclear] juries and institutions generally. ### Immediately I received your telegram, informing me that Edmunds is sailing today with Graphophones, for the purpose of exhibiting them before the different scientific societies, I sent a letter to all the morning & evening papers, of which I will send you a copy by mail. This letter has been generally published and consequently will take the rise out of Mr. [Edmunds] I also, the same day, forwarded to the seretaries of all the Scientific Socities, offering to place a phonograph at their disposal some afternon or evening, for the purpose of exhibiting it to their members. Of course, they will all be held at different dates, and therefore three Phonographs can go around to a considerable extent and cover a good deal of ground. ### As a matter of fact, the season is over and all the societies have had their annual summer meeting and therefore, it may be very probably the case that no meetings will be appointed for the purpose of the Phonograph until Sept. or Oct. You may depend upon one thing, that if they will call extra meetings for the purposes of the Phonograph, it does not necessarily follow that they would go to the same trouble for the Graphophone, or to put the case differently, you may depend upon it, that they will do nothing to interest themselves with regard to the Graphophone, that they would not equally do with regard to the Phonograph. ### I am working the press for all it is worth. I get something in every two or three days, which goes around. Public interest generally is alive to the subject so that no matter what Edmunds does, he is bound to be in the second street. At the same time you cannot overestimate the importance of furnishing me with instruments as rapidly as possible, because the Graphophone is good enough, if exhibited first to arounse a very considerable interest, & everybody who sees it first, will be delighted with it and of course, will think Graham Bell has done a great thing and so they will continue to think until they have seen the Phonograph. I have got a splendid start of the Graphophone and I mean to keep it, if I possibly can. I will do my part if you will only do yours--all you have to do is to keep me promptly and abundantly supplied with new things." Gouraud.




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