[D8850ACS], Letter from Ezra Torrance Gilliland to Thomas Alva Edison, August 23rd, 1888


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[D8850ACS], Letter from Ezra Torrance Gilliland to Thomas Alva Edison, August 23rd, 1888

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"I enclose some mems which I have made concerning Gouraud's machines and other matters. I hope you have sent my phonograph am waiting here in London for it. Haskins is in France is coming up to London to help me on Railway Tel soon as I am ready for him. I thought as we are trying to beat the graphophone proper that I better attend to that first and have therefore done very little about Ry Tel or phonoplex." Yours truly, Gill [Enclosure: "Mrem Re Phonograph--Gill ### Gouraud will not use the two old machines as the motors make a noise hence he has only 2 available machines the one he brought and the one I brought over. ### Wax bothers us a great deal, gets all over the machine and the floor. The wax Hamilton has seems harder, it is much whiter and may be a different mixture. I thought it wise to mention this as this difference may be due to seasoning. ### [unclear] When the phonograms are at a different temperature than when they are made the ptich of the thread is altered in the wax. It makes it necessary to alter the adjustment 3 or 4 times in running across the phonogram. I brought over you can easily calculate what it will be taking total contraction of the blank upon which the record was made at a temperature of say 90 [degrees] and we are using them here at 60 [degrees] to 65 [degrees]. These dam English are cranks on the subject of keeping rooms cold. Of course this is of no consequence in the use of a machine in an office but may cause trouble in th exchange of Phonograms or sale of musical records &c. ### How would it do to have music for hot weather and music for autumn winter and spring." Yours, Gill








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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University