[D8850ACT], Letter from Ezra Torrance Gilliland to Thomas Alva Edison, August 30th, 1888


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[D8850ACT], Letter from Ezra Torrance Gilliland to Thomas Alva Edison, August 30th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I am considerably worried as I can get no answer from you concerning the Phonogh. I have sent two or three cables. The Graphophone have had their exhibition and with one or two exceptions only got paragraph notices in the papers. Our getting in ahead of them had exactly the effect that we calculated we have taken all the boom out of them. Last night we gave an exhibition at the Press Club, the object being to let the families of the reporters and Editors and those who did not go out to Upper Norwood have an opportunity to hear it. As it was largely to the same men and being a repetition of the other Exhibition there has not been so much said about it in the papers. Gouraud has got off on the wrong tack he is harping on loudness altogether. I have tried to impress it upon him that loudness is a secondary matter and that articulation is the real point of improvement. I think I willl bring him around in time. The point on which we can knock the Graphophone out is articulation and it is the point wherein we always expect to excel. The Graphophone are going to exhibit at the British Assn on Sept. 5th and Edmunds is going to read a paper. I wantd to write a paper in reply to Tainters article (which they are distributing very freely here) and make an attack on them and put them to a competitive trial test, using your cipher words and read backwords out of a paper, and call especial attention to the unlimited range of musica we can produce, and to the fact they cannot produce any in an acceptable manner, and in fact go for them baldheaded and do our fighting before they get entrenched. Gouraud says he wants to read a paper. So I will have to wait for another opportunity. I do not exactly see what Gouraud is going to do in a controvesy over technical points before the British Assn especially as Alex Graham Bell will undoubtedly be there. ### The instrument which I brought over again saved us as Hamiltons machine gave out again last night in the middle of the show. There there was an attendance of about 500 people between the hours of 8 PM and 4 AM and it kept us jumping to give them all a whack with only two machines. I tinkered up the Hamilton instrument It gave out in the Governor. The contact points on the short spool would not work and the thing run away and knowcked one of the Governors off. Gouraud is using the Schanschriff Battery which is a large powerful batther and makes the motor hump - they claim it will run 12 hours. I think its good for 8. It will cost much more than a Grenet, both first cost and to maintain it. They are anxious to make some arrangements with him to adopt it as the Phonograph battery. ### We set up type and worked a type writer last night same as at the Electric Club. It worked all right in both instances for type [unclear] ### I think I have given you all the news. For the Lords sake let me know when I am going to get the Phonogh so I can get out of this damn town nothing but drizzle and rain for two weeks. With kindest regards to everybody" I am your very truly, E.T. Gilliland




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