[D8850ADW1], Phonogram from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, October 5th, 1888


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[D8850ADW1], Phonogram from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, October 5th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[PHONO TRANSCRIPTION---incomplete; marked #8] "I propose to conclude a most interesting and agreeable evening, as far as I am concerned, by introducing to you a few friends who have honoured me this evening by their presence here. Each of them has expressed a desire to say a few words to you, and I am sure you will be glad to hear their voices, as I am glad to be the medium of communicating them to you, need I say through your marvellous Phonograph?: first the Right Honourable Cecil Raikes, Her Majesty's Postmaster General. Now listen to Mr. Raikes' voice. ### We thank you for a most interesting and delightful evening. We feel that you are become the inventor of a new magic. Hem. We regard this invention as destined to revolutionize the means of human communication, and we wish you all success in promotion a discovery which cannot fail to have the most beneficial results for the whole community of nations. ### Cecil Raikes, Her Majesty's Postmaster General. ### I next have the pleasure of introducing you to a name that is as familiar to you and all of our countrymen as it is, I am happy to say, to myself and my family, ---Mr Edmund Yates. ### This is the record of a most marvelous dinner transmitted to you by your most marvellous invention. If I lack words to describe the dinner it is because I am so enrapt and enchanted by your invention that I find myself much more stupid than I ought to be after the grand excitement of our friend's meats and wine. ### Edmund Yates,--not Her Majesty's Postmaster General, but one who was a poor clerk under Her Majesty's Postmaster Genearl for five and twenty years. ### We will now pass on to the next Phonogram which will begin with a record that I am sure you will receive with infinite delightknowing your love for music. I need only say that the record will be the voice of the great composer, Sir Arthur Sullivan whose music is as well known in America as it is in England and as well loved by those who know it. ### Gram No . ### Gouraud to Edison. ### Continuation of introduction of friends. Now listen to the voice of Sir Arthur Sullivan. ### Dear Mr Edison, ### If my friend, Edmund Yates, has been a little"




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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