[D8850AFC], Publication, Edison Phonograph Co (London), 1888


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[D8850AFC], Publication, Edison Phonograph Co (London), 1888

Editor's Notes

"Colonel Gouraud presents his compliments to ____________ and, in reply to his letter, begs to say that in consequence of the flood of applications which daily pour in, requesting the loan of Phonographs, either for Exhibition or Lecture purposes, and the difficulty he experiences in meeting such requests as he would desire, in consequence of the limited number of Phonographs at present available, and the little time at his own disposal; in order to provie for a thoroughly efficient exhibition and demonstration of the Phonograph, its principles, and applications, he has engaged the services of a competent Lecturer and Exhibitor, who will be accompanied by assistnats in charge of Phonograph and Lantern, with complete illustrations, both scientific and popular, of the Instrument. ### To meet the expenses connected with such an arrangement it will be necessary for those who wish to have a Lecture or Exhibition of the Phonograph, to name the sum they are willing to guarantee in order to meet the Lecturer's fee, exclusive of travelling expenses, and transport of apparatus. It is Colonel Gouraud's desire that the remainder of the net proceeds, after this deduction, should be devoted to some charity to be mutually agreed upon. ### Kindly indicate in your reply the sum guaranteed for Lecturer, exclusive of other expenses, and the date or dates on which the Phonograph is wanted. ### P.S.--An Exhibition was recently held where upwards of 2000 people were unable to gain admittance, at an Entrance Fee of 2/6, and on the following day 108. each was paid by as many as could be accommodated. ### [New Page] ### "Referring to your recent favour applying for the agency of the Phonograph, we enclose for your examination, form of proposed agreement. ### Quite a number of similar applications have been received from others in your country; and, other considerations being equal, the choice will naturally fall upon the applicant who, as Agent, would lodge with us the largest initial order for Phonographs, indicating, as this will, the extent of the Agent's commerical connection and his resources for carrying on the business, as well as showing the measure of conficence with which he would embark in it. Whatever order you may suggest will not be binding upon you until you are aware of the price of the instrument, which will be communicated to the applicant to whom the agency is finally awarded; but we may mention, in this connection, that the prices will be so fixed as to leave a large profit for the Agent. ### You will kindly regard this communication as confiddential, and return it, with information upon the following points, if you desire to pursue the matter: ### (a) The extent of the territory over which you would like the control of the Phonograph. ### (b) The number of Phonographs you would want us to supply as your first order. ### (c) The number of Phonographs you will carry back in stock (prices being satisfactory) for filling current orders. ### (d) The addresses of those to whom you wish to refer us, including, if possible, a London reference." Faithfully yours [unsigned] [Marginalia: "With Colonel Gouraud's compliments."] "phono quantities"



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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