[D8853AEP], Letter from William S Logue to Alfred Ord Tate, October 6th, 1888


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[D8853AEP], Letter from William S Logue to Alfred Ord Tate, October 6th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Please accept my kindest thanks for the authority to draw $175. I made one day sight draft in Harrisburg on the 5th and so advised by telegraph. ### Phila & Harrisburg circuit ### I have been very badly delayed on account of the material for Phila being lost by some of the PRR people. We did not find it until after a two and half days hunt. Someone at the West Phila shops signed for it and stowed it away Mr. Fondersmith knew nothing of its receipt. I also lost more time in Harrisburg by the officials not being ready for me. ### The circuit worked very well yesterday and today but on account of trouble on the [unclear] wire the PRR asked to have it taken off at 1150 this am. ### The trouble is a swing on the wire (this don't affect us) and an interference through their Morse battery. I have demonstrated this plainly enough for any one but Mr. Fondersmith don't care to acknowledge it. I have promised him to assist him tomorrow Sunday in trying to remove the battery difficulty but all the same they don't like to have an outsider locate any trouble for them. You can appreciate how I stand in the matter. I told him this afternoon that it was for our mutual interest to find and remove the trouble and hoped that we could find it. ### Of course the Phone caused all the trouble but after the Phone was taken off the wire worked no better. Mr F then wanted to know if a conenser around an intermediate office could cause the trouble. This will give you an idea of the talent I encounter. ### Chrome Acid battery ### In compliance with the instruction in your telegram under date of Sept 27th. We made and set up the new battery on Monday Oct 1st. It remained idle until Wednesday afternoon on account of the delay in Harrisburg, but has been used off an on since then, up to this writing. It has been doing splendidly and now seems strong enough to last very much longer. I will watch it closely and advise you. It beats the Bunsen very much. ### Chromic Acid ### Churchman and Co would not sell less than a ten pound can. I purchased this amount. ### Special Magnetic Coil ### The Special coil made for us by Messrs Bergmann & Co has proven to be useless. It will not discharge. I put it in at Phila and when we first tried the circuit I was in Harrisburg. We could not get a thing from Phila. I had to come here and remedy the trouble. The Phone at this place could not be adjusted on account of bad workmanship. We had to send it to PRR shop. We lost a day on account of the coil and phone" Yours very truly, W.S. Logue





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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