[D8856ABM], Letter from Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co to Charles Batchelor, January 27th, 1888


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[D8856ABM], Letter from Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co to Charles Batchelor, January 27th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"We send you some burners which we think you will find useful. The small burner can be arranged to fit into the centre of the large one, and be independent of the large one in operation. The supply pipe of the smaller one could be cut off about one inch from the ring, and the nipple left on the burner can be threaded, an elbow up on, a short nipple and another elbow, then a short piece of pipe with a coupling, into which the piece of the burner stem cut off can be screwed. This arrangement will allow the burners to stand on the same level, and each be independent of the other in operation. One trouble is likely to occur with these burners if used just as they are. There will be times, when the oil gets low in the Generator, that no air will be required to make the gas of the right mixture for perfect combustion, hence the burner, just as it is, will induce too much air. To have them just right at all times, there should be an adjustable covering for the air inlet. A metal sleeve can be placed on the stem so that the sleeve can be placed over the air inlet when needed, just as you have fixed the burners in the Gas Griddle. ### Now in regard to the use of steam at the vault, we think it more effective to use the steam with the steam pipe within the air pipe, and this method is in perfect accord with insurance regulations. The simplest and best way is for you to remove that check valve in the vault, and run the steam pipe as it was orgininally. Make that change, and it will be right. ### We send you a safety and a vacuum valve, and a rough sketch of how they should be placed. Tap the gas pipe in the vault for a half inch pipe, and connect up with short nipples as indicated. The ball on the safety valve is too heavy; remove it, and put on a weight that will allow the valve to open with a pressure just a little in excess of your normal pressure. Of course you will observe that the vacuum valve must open downward. ### In regard to the check valve in the Generator, we wish to say that we consider it entirely useless, and we have never found it required by Insurance men. ### Please make these changes as soon as convenient to do so." Respectfully, Gilbert + Barker





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