[D8856ADM], Letter from T H McAllister to Arthur Edwin Kennelly, October 24th, 1888



"In reply to your esteemed favor of 22nd inst, would say we should be pleased to furnish you with Messrs York and Sons best lantern slides uncolored at $45.00 per 100 - 1/3 off above price if $1000.00 or over net are purchased at one time. ### We send you by this mail a copy each of the catalogues of all the makers of magic lantern slides in Europe - for whom we are agents in this country - and of whose slides we try to keep complete lines on hand, - but as they cost more than the slides made by York and Son - we will offer them to you - best uncolored slides at 50[cent] each - less 25% on an order of $1000.00 or over net. ### We would further add that upon the above basis we will give you the same discount of 25% on our colored and other style of views - and upon our make of instruments - ### We have no doubt that you are fully aware we carry the largest stock - and most complete line of views to be found, anywhere - and that should Mr. Edison desire it we should be pleased to send him on selection any number of views from 1 to 50000 or over at a time - as he may prefer. ### Trusting to be favored with your order - which will meet our prompt attention - and awaiting your reply" We are yours truly, T.H. McAllister S.








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[D8856ADM], Letter from T H McAllister to Arthur Edwin Kennelly, October 24th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University