[D8903AAL], Letter from Green Berry Raum, Jr. to Thomas Alva Edison, July 12th, 1889



I'm writing your attention to the enclosed slip, I desire to say that this award of a Bronze Medal for the Mimeograph was applied for by me last November, when I exhibited the Mimeograph to a special committee of the Franklin Institute - and since that time I have taken special pains to show the members of the Institute the great superiority of your apparatus over all other manipulating devices, and the [------] of this persistent effort on my part, was the recommendation on the part of the Franklin Institute to the City [-----] for the award of the Scott Legacy Medal. This recommendation was advertised in the Institute Journal in Feby, March, and April and now the medal is being engraved with the proper inscription. Ever since the recommendation was made, I have advertised the fact very extensively and have had numerous inquiries from parties who desire to see the medal. Unless I am authorized to receive the award, it will probably be sent to you -- and I therefore respectfully ask that you will furnish me with the necessary authority for receiving it. This office has been in operation for a year and during that time, thousands of mimeographs have been sold, and have given thorough satisfaction. Heretofore, the "Cyclostyle" people have managed to place their weak imitation of your invention upon the market in considerable numbers, and even received the Scott Legacy Medal a few years ago for their Stylus, which was then considered an improvement upon your Electric Pen. Today, the Cyclostyle is almost altogether rejected, and the [------] have brought out a pen which they call the "Neostyle" - but for this they have not acquired the Medal, as they claim (See enclosed circular). # If you will kindly give me authority to receive this award, I will hold the medal in trust for you, [-----] [----] time as you desire to take it yourself.








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[D8903AAL], Letter from Green Berry Raum, Jr. to Thomas Alva Edison, July 12th, 1889

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