[D8905ACI], Letter from Everett Frazar to Alfred Ord Tate, March 26th, 1889


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[D8905ACI], Letter from Everett Frazar to Alfred Ord Tate, March 26th, 1889

Editor's Notes

I am now wanting to make up invoices for the shipments of phonos. and fixtures lately sent to Japan, and shall be glad to learn from you just what will be the lowest price which TAE proposes to charge me for the battery and treadle phonos., which I understand to be delivered f.o.b., New York, as is customary in other lines of business; also the price per 100 for wax cylinders and any extras. I shall probably ask you at first to cover up the shipment of 18 phonos. via C. P. R. and the 7 via Suez which are nearly ready for delivery, and to have the Phono. Works make me 3 sets of bills, as I do not know on just what basis Lindsley would like to have some sent to Japan. I will, therefore, first ask for triplicate bills at he prime net cost, another triplicate set with $10 added to prime net cost, another set with $25 added to prime net cost. As I would like to receive the invoices on Thursday, that I may make up my documents on Friday for the mail closing that day, I shall be pleased if you will call me up on the telephone tomorrow noon, after you have received this letter and have conferred with TAE and Batchelor as to the price to be charged. We can then come to an understanding quickly and the invoices can be made up following, so that I could get them on Thursday. # Referring to Ricalton's trip to the East for TAE, as you are probably aware, my Japan firm are buying, through Upton's orders, the bamboo splints required for the filament carbons in the Edison lamps. At Upton's request, I have just cancelled an order sent Feb 5th by mail for 2,000,000 bamboo splints, presuming that Ricalton may have found some other material better adapted to this purpose. Will you kindly say to TAE that if he finds any other fibre to take the place of bamboo which can be purchased in the Straits Ports, Phillipines, China or Japan, I shall be pleased to have him, if agreeable, place these orders in my hands, and I will execute them through my firm or its connections in these various ports. TAE may desire to give such orders as these to Upton to be conveyed to me. If so, it will be quite satisfactory. # To save my writing a separate letter to Batchelor, will you kindly say to him that I would very much like to receive the spectacles, recorders and reproducers for all the machines lately shipped in a box, closely packed, to be sent to this office not later than Friday of next week, April 5th, to be sent to Yoko. via C. P. R. express service? After the above details have been arranged between you and me, as the negotiations have all along been carried on together, I will transmit future orders and attend to all this phonograph business direct with the Works. This you will doubtless understand. I would suggest your writing a letter addressed to me in triplicate, signed by TAE, appointing my Yokohama firm as agent in Japan and Korea and Frazar & Co., Shanghae, as agents in China, the Straights ports and Phillipine Is for the sale of his Phonograph. These letters my firms would be pleased to have in their possession to be made use of in case of necessity, particularly, should any infringement in patent or manufacture be attempted from time to time. Often a strong moral force can be brought to bear in such cases through our U.S. officials, in connection with the high officers of the governments where we may not be fully protected by copyright or patent laws. # Thanking you for your kindness in finishing up this important business for us. [New name mentions: Mr. Lindsley, Batchelor, Mr. Upton]





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