[D8905ADZ], Letter from Philip Sidney Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, June 15th, 1889


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[D8905ADZ], Letter from Philip Sidney Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, June 15th, 1889

Editor's Notes

I send you by [same?] mail sketches of building estimates and four plants of land. ## Plan A, contains 2460, ee sq meters, a fair [fuirer?] of ground well situated owned by a "foundling society" who are rich, and would sell this, and take up a mortgage on it for 4 or 4 1/2 %. The price is 19 francs sq meter. ## Plan B. Three blocks of ground together 3290 sq m. no factory allowed on block 900 sq m but warehouses &c. The owner would have the street which will be meters wider if you pay 2 francs more per sq meter entire ground, price 20 francs sq m ## Plan C. contains 5360, 50 sq M Can be bought for about 30 francs sq m, this is in the vicinity of the factory. The sketch of which I sent you on 7th inst. This ground is much higher in price than the other, as it is near the Docks, but has no special advantage for your purpose. ## Plan A. The red is the ground for sale ## '' C The red is now built upon, and the letters A.B.C.E.F.G. are on the ard for sale. Where I have marked with lead is the fatory of which you have a sketch. All of this land business does not mean very much to you as it makes ery little difference in what part of Antwerp your factory is placed. The cheaper the land the better. I am sure you can get all the Land you want for about 20 francs per sq meter. Now as to the building the sketch sent--you will give you some idea of building cost &c. Building (1) is te style of one story factories as builtin this country. Windows on short [pitch?] on top. This style would be too hot in America but is not here, The yards are put in buildings of two or more stories where the surroundings will not allow windows enough for light, but with extra ground this is not neessary. I give you herein a copy of the architects rough estimates. "Supposition No. 1, workplace our floor 1500 sq m will ost francs 83260 or 55,50 per sq m" ## Supposition No. 2" Workplace two floors, each 750 sq m will cost frs 891000 or 11880 sq m" ## "Supposition No. 3, workplace one floor with several roofs like building (1) 5000 sq m will last frs 262500, or 5250 frs sq m" ## "Supposition No.4. workplace three floors each 1666 sq m will cost frs 685,000 or 137 frs sq m" ## "Supposition No. 5 Workplace three floors each 2166 sq m all together 6500 sq m will cost 884000 frs, or 136 frs sq m" ## For the building of one floow the timber [works?] is either wood or iron, for the others the timber work is in iron, with masonry arches between the beams, all the floors are supposed to support a regular weight of thousand kilograms each sq ," ## Suppositions 1 & 2 are for a Toy Phono factory alone, 3 & 4 for another factory alone. 5 is for the two factories together. Toy Phono factory of 15000 sq ft. The other factory 50000 sq ft floor space bot together 65000 sq ft. ## The factory of which I sent you a sketch on 7th instant was not bought up by the party, is now held for sale at frs 110,000, but I think 80 or 90 thousand francs would buy it. Taking into consideration that the ground is worth from 30 to 35 francs per sq m, the buildings would stand in much cheaper than new ones could be built for. It is the only factory worth looking at for sale in Antwerp now.






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