[D8905AFH], Letter from Sherburne Blake Eaton to Thomas Alva Edison, August 22nd, 1889


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[D8905AFH], Letter from Sherburne Blake Eaton to Thomas Alva Edison, August 22nd, 1889

Editor's Notes

[snapshot business letter; EMW expansion, second district station] Boston Toy Phono Co. ## The last four Boston Toy Phono Co contracts have been executed and his 14,000 shares of stock have been delivered. He is trying to get a license for Lippincott to make toy figures worked by a nickel. He also thinks the Boston people will ask for Edison's approval before agreeing to buy a controlling interest from Borliner for $40,000. ## Personal Taxes Eaton thinks Edison's personal taxes in "this city" have not been carefully attended. His tax for 1886 is $557.06. The tax against him as administrator of Mar Edison is $687. ## Edison Machine Works The workmen are very busy and crowded for room there, laying the foundations for the new factory, ## Drive with Insull They drove Edison's new pair of horses 150 miles in four days, very fine horses. ## Winnipeg Company Villard is having trouble getting estimates in Winnipeg, because of a confusion regarding currency, and thinks Winnipeg people will blame him severely. ## Broad Street Building Mr. Herrick has received from the architect a design for the fronts of the proposed seven storey building for the GeneralCompany.## Penna Mining Lands The title which Livor and Edison bought is difficult to straighten. ## Ny Ill. Co Mr Skehan says that the 26th street station earned a net profit of $1,900 in July, the 20th street station earned $100. There have been two conferences between the major companies with a view to keep up prices. The Brush Company are going into incandescent lighting, Skehan says they have the best dynamo. ## .H Johnson and the Sprague Company Johnston complains about his attorney, Mr. Wise. He gave Wise a big block of stock out of him own pocket and $6,000 salary a year to entice him into employment, but Wise does not give satisfaction. Johnston wants Eaton to help out, but Eaton doesn't think he can. ## A New Phonograph Lippincott showed Eaton three patents issued to Giani Bottini, and will ask Mr. Witter for an opinion on the patents. Mr. L thinks they infringe Edison's patents. Mr. L thinks that the Gilliland crowd is behind the patents. ## Canadian Lamp Decision The decision is being put off, will not be decided till next month. Billsby has reportedly bought the Deputy Minister of Agriculture ## Siemens & Halske Contract Coster sent Villard a letter criticising the contract in detail. Eaton's opinion solicited. He does not relish taking a hand in this fight. ## Edison Phonograph Company Mr. Insull was temporarily elected President of the new Board and Mr. Randolph Secretary and Treasurer in order that the license to the Boston Company may be executed. ## Mr. Villard's suit against Judge Davis This is now public. Villard's lawyer Artemus Holmes is proceeding. Villard and his wife are completely shunning Davis and his wife. Mr Pullman apparently has had the same experience with Judge Davis as Villard has, put out money for him and lost everything. ## Prof Marks The Exec. Com. Of the Gen. o. passed a resolution today requiring Marks to resign, and a further one dismissing him if he declines to resign. They refuse to pay the $5,000. Eaton tried to get to Marks before the resolution to get him to resign to avoid disgrace. ## Siemens & Halske Eaton thought to draw a new contract himself to meet Coster's views if possible but Villard decides to let the matter rest until Edison comes back and then force it through by a vote of the Board. ## Prices of Stocks Gen. Co. is quoted at 80. Gen. Co's trust ccertificates at 30 to 32. N.Y Ill. Co. at 92 ## Personal Congratulations Congratulations on honors awarded in Italy, as attested by clippings from a Pittsburg paper. Eaton will write Mrs. Edison a personal letter of congratulation.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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