[D8905AJK1], Letter from Fred Thornall to Thomas Alva Edison, December 8th, 1889



Menlo Park Dec. 8th 1889 T.A Edison Esq Dear Sir You must excuse me for leaving off all the Titles of Nobility &c I am afraid it would tire you coming from an old Menlo Parker. What I want to call your attention to and shake you up about, is the fact that Miss Minnie Freeman the Post Mistress here for the past three years (Since the pondrous Hussey commenced to time the World by electricity) has done quite a good deal of work for you in the way of redirecting and forwarding letters and the reregistering of letters has made her quite a little work. Her salary here in a fourth class P.O being regulated by the amount of mail sent out is small at the present time. I think not exceeding $175 the last years.##Miss Freeman is an orphan and a good plucky girl. Comes nearly one mile down to the P.O through rain, hail and snow early & late without grumbling.##I have never heard her make any complaint about handling your mail or say a word in regard to any pay for it.##As a friend to the worthy I thought I would call your attention to it, as it is getting near christmas time, so that if you saw fit you could remember her.##Trusting you will excuse any interference in the matter on my part. I am very truly and respectfully yours Fred Thornall








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[D8905AJK1], Letter from Fred Thornall to Thomas Alva Edison, December 8th, 1889

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