[D8907AAA], Letter from Horace Townsend to Alfred Ord Tate, January 7th, 1889



I seem to be eternally bothering you but I rely on your good nature to excuse me. As I think I told you I have written for the "Cosmopolitan" a sektchy article on the Laboratory and incidentally on Mr. Edison also. It is to be profusely illustrated and though I have turned over the them all the photos I have, their cry is still for more. Don't you tthink therefore you can send me the following if they are in existence or even in one or two instances get Mr Dixon to take a view for me? [List] Photos required. (1) Mr Edison's Home as large a plate as possible. (2) A portrait of Mr E. himself (at his desk if such a vew exists). (3) The lecture room showing the black board wherein the "projfessor" has portrayed so [antertically?] the "sound-boxes," "over-tones" et al. (4) The Photometer and Galvanometer Room. (5) A galvanometer. (6) The Microscope showing the table comvered with chemicals. (7) A good view of the phonograph.##Now this looks like a large contract but I am sure you will do what you can for me, and in especial will send such of these as are at hand by return so that I may receive them Saturday. Will you please send them to me c/o "Cosmopolitan" 363 Fifth Avenue N.Y.##I think my article will please you and the "old man" also but in any case I shall send you a proof so that you may strike out anything you do not like though I am sure you wil not find this necessary.##With my warmest thanks in advance and all manner of apologies for troubling you so, I am, Yours very truly Horace Townsend









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[D8907AAA], Letter from Horace Townsend to Alfred Ord Tate, January 7th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University