[D8907ACN], Letter from Graphic (London), William Luson Thomas to Thomas Alva Edison, November 6th, 1889



Enclosed you will find a prospectus of a new departure in journalism which may interest you, and in the realization of which I venture to hope you will assist. ## Briefly the proposal is, that instead of the ordinary anonymous leaders usual in our daily papers we intend having short articles by people of such eminence that their words must at once command public attention and respect and I suggest that you should occasionally write giving your opinion on matters concerning which you possess a special knowledge, to be published in our paper with your name attached. A funeral [?] will a [?] we sent you in consideration of such [?] ## Having originated the [?} and been its active manager[?] its foundation, I trust you may consider my [?] have been of some [?] is the advancement of [?] and [?] and in this [ground?] I venture to enlist you sympathy and supplant. [?] you sympathy and [?] ### [Enclosure] “The Graphic” has now been in existence nearly twenty years. Its career has been remarkably successful. This success is greatly due to the fact that it has been fortunate enough to number on its regular staff artists whose names and works are familiar as household words: such as Luke Fildes, Hubert, Herkomer, Henry Woods, Elizabeth Thompson, Randolph Caldecott. &c : while its popularity has been greatly enhanced by the contribution of works in colour by such distinguished men as Sir John Millais, Sir Frederick Leighton, and Alma Tadema. Then, as regards literature, “The Graphic” has been honored with the assistance, among other writers of mark, of Charles Reade, Anthony Trollope, Victor Hugo, Walter Besant, and William Black, who have worked in harmony with artists of high merit. Briefly, the features of this new daily journal will be as follows:-It will consist of sixteen pages, handy in size, printed in clear bold type on much better paper than is customary, the tone and colour being chosen as beneficial to the eyesight. It will be issued at the price of one penny. And will contain all the usual telegraphic news, the various topics of the day being dealt with in a pithy, concise, and graphic manner. Long leading articles will be avoided, but comments on the incidents of the day will be written by authors of the first eminence. Special articles persons of well-known social or political distinction will be prominent features, such contributions being signed by the writers. It will contain nothing from pen or pencil which a parent would wish to conceal from his family. This, we believe, can be effected without the paper being considered prudish or namby-pamby. ## It will be illustrated by rapid sketches from the hands of the cleverest artists: but at the same time we hope that, quite apart from the illustrations, the paper will be found thoroughly readable and interesting. ## Preliminary list of supporters with pen and pencil ## (list of names)








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[D8907ACN], Letter from Graphic (London), William Luson Thomas to Thomas Alva Edison, November 6th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


November 6, 1889