[D8933AAC], Letter from J J Callow to Thomas Alva Edison, January 7th, 1889


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[D8933AAC], Letter from J J Callow to Thomas Alva Edison, January 7th, 1889

Editor's Notes

J.J Callow####Patent Indestructible Metallic Graining Tools####Thomas Edison Esq., Dear Sir: Noticing an item in our paper here about an Electric Consolidation scheme to be known as the Edison Central Electric co to be located in west Orange, N.J.####My reason for addressing you is this. I have valuable patents for the U.S Canada, france, England, & Germany for an Electric powers of manufacturing metal goods such as street numbers and names. [Telephone ornaments/] or Metal Brick a Brack--all kinds of business stencils & stencils for [--------] Rail Road Cars--all kinds of metal letters for signs & in fact everything in metal. Thus has man to be out and with dies lest no dies can be made as fine as to produce [-----] equal to my Electric Metal Process it can be done at 1/4 the price yes 1/8 the price of similar work done any other way. I would say further to make the rpocess more familiar to you. Some time in 85 or 86 I was in NEW YORK CITY with samples and I [your] MR BERGMANN was DEEPLY INTERESTED in the invention thus he took the small samples I had with me up to YOUR ROOM in the block where your offie is or was loated at that time. So YOU HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN SOME OF THE METAL work PRODUCED BY MY INVENTION. Mr. Bergman made me an offer of 1,000 for New York City for [---------] or [---------] mark which he wanted in for at that time. Now my idea is in writing you, as your new company will have plants in every city for light the same wires could be connected with a motor & drive the electric machine. Thus will do the work of my invention & make out metal work lettres stencils [--] above [desc---d] & he controlled by said company on rayatives & pinters an sub companies organized in each city, so as to pay an immense profit, my patents are yet all intact except the state of Illinois which is now sold for 2000 or about New York city is spoken for but not yet sold all other patents are clear, for the [USAC?]. Now if you are interested in the products of electricity and as Dynamos & motos are necessary for its manufacture. My idea is in writing you this long & explanatory letter was with a view of writing this [depart---] of Electric goods to your own organized plant; being in the same family of the electri arts. If you think favorably of this and will send on one of your experts to examine into my inventions I shall be pleased to show & explain the merits of the invention so that he can fully describe it to you with the view in end alone suggested. Please give this letter a fair & honest consideration for I mean business & can PROVE that ALL I CLAIM IS A FACT produced by ONE 6 YEARS ATTENTION STUDY to this SPECIAL ART which is something extremely original in the Electric art & not nonsense but facts which I can & will be glad to [------] to your Company.####Please let me have [---- -----] truly yoursJ.J Callow [cutfrom paper enclosed marked x]####[next page]: Say we can't go into it, but as there are 150 Edison Light stations where after the busy hours of Lighting Have unlimited Electricity which on a contract for [plating?] purposes they would sell cheap that he better get up slate co to utilize her proess & have co contract with the Edison light Co for Electricity####[End. Name mentions: Sigmund Bergmann, Thos Edison, JJ Callow, Edison Central Electric Co,






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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