[D8933AAE], Letter from Frank McGowan to Thomas Alva Edison, January 9th, 1889


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[D8933AAE], Letter from Frank McGowan to Thomas Alva Edison, January 9th, 1889

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Cali, Jany 9th 1889, T.A Edison esq--New York of some other part of the U.S Sir:####There is a little rooster by the name of McGowan down here who claims to have once been in your employ. Our postal authorities in this city are loud in their complaints at the pertinacity with which this man maintains that by every arriving mail he ought to be in receipt of letters from you. It is hinted around ehre that this McGowan is a genuine ounterfeit & as there is a prospect of his becoming a burden on our community, we desire to know in order to give the fellow a chance & not prejudge to prematurely, whetehr you ever employed such a being & if so what led to your discarding him. He seems to display some cunning in his talk because on hearing of out intention to investigate his laims he was loud in positive assurances that no notice whatever would be taken of our missives & that we might as well write to a figure of adamant. We however regard this as a subterfuge & do not intend to be thwarted in our endeavor to unmask this man's villainty. So far he has not taken any of our citizens into camp in the way of [-------] &c but our authorities are on the alert & have him under keen surveillance. We would make up a small sum to send [page torn] up North but he says he can bum his way from Terra [page torm] to Baffin's Bay. He still [-----] the delusions that [page torn] yet remember having sent him away somewhere [page torn] ago but that you lost run of him & had neglected [page torn[ a tracer sent out after him to know in what depot he had been dumped.#### If ON RECEIPT OF YOUR REPLY, we find that you have been falsely represented we will take good are to rid our ity of this pretender. Of course it is all nonsense to suppose that you with such a well disciplined staff of workers would neglect writing for 10 long months to any of your employees at a distance & we look upon this man as a correct fraud.#### As we said before in order not to judge too hastily we will feel favored if you will order one of your secretaries to answer this any time before the year 1890. Should such [-----] be in need of a small remittance for any labored efforts of his in this direction let him send us doen his bill & we will cheerfully try to keep the world from his door. #####Some of the Law Abiding Citizens of Cali. ####[name mentions: Cali, Frank McGowan, Thos Edison]




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