[D8933ABI], Letter from Albert H Porter to William Birch Rankine, August 15th, 1889


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[D8933ABI], Letter from Albert H Porter to William Birch Rankine, August 15th, 1889

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Brewster, N.Y, Aug 15 1889###Wm. B. Rankine, Esq. Dear Sir:--####I respectfully submit to you an estimate specification and a cross-section for the main funnel. Also approximate estimates for one hundred fact of canal cross tunnels &c. with assumed plans for same.####I have given more attention to the tunnel specification than anything else, and think you will find that they cover any and every thing that is likely to happen in constructing the tunnel. Upon consideration of the trouble which might be caused, owing to a lack of items and prices in the specifications, I have made them so as to include masonry and timbering. Of course in the rock at Niagra it is highly improbable that any place in the tunnel will be found which will require permanent supports, but if uch should be the case the specification will cover everything, and as I have given the Engineer the whole power to order such timber and masonry, as he may deem necessary to furnish all plans and to direct the construction of the same, should any bad ground be found the Company will have the entire control.####The prices I have given in the estimate for the tunnel I consider after careful investigation to be very fair, and have no doubt that the contract could be let for much less.####The area of the cross-section for the tunnel corresponds practically with the area of a circle TWENTY-FOUR-FEET in diameter and I consider it to have many advantages over a circular section in regard to the construction, and flow of water.####The estimates and plans for the CANAL CROSS TUNNELS &c. are simply approximations, and nothing definite can be arrived at until the company has in its possession, first, a complete ground plan showing the land, the bottom of the river to a depth of nine feet below the surface of the water, the location of the main tunnel with reference to the original surface, and the boundaries of the land taken by the Company, also, some idea of how far the rock lies below the surface of the ground and water; and, second, a definite plan of the manner in which the Company wish the power developed and distributed, the number of wheel pits and the depth for the wheels.####I would say further that it is with great hesitation that I make any estimates or plans for the Canal, ross tunnels and work connected therewith, owing to a lack of the information I have stated above. The canal shown on the plan, is sufficiently large to admit of vessels and canal boats, and to furnish the ten thousand horse power required under ordinary circumstances, and I haveokanned the same as to dimensions and strength of sides so as to admit of shipping facilities###Ia am, very truly yours, Albert H. Porter####[Enclosure: A chart of Approximate estimates for CANAL CROSS TUNNEL &c.]####[Second enclosure: Chart for Estimate for one and one-tenth miles of main tunnel.]####[Third Enclosure: Approximate Estimate, main Tunnel, Cross Tunnel, Outlets, Wheel pits, Canals etc., for supplying 36000 Horse Power]####[Fourth Enclosure: Blueprint sketch, Assumed Plan for canal, Cross Tunnels, etc.]####[name mentions:Albert H. Porter, William Birch Rankine]




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