[D8935ABH], Letter from William J Jenks to Arthur Edwin Kennelly, July 18th, 1889


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[D8935ABH], Letter from William J Jenks to Arthur Edwin Kennelly, July 18th, 1889

Editor's Notes

You will remember that at the bureau meeting of March 9th., it was resolved on motion of Mr. Beggs, that meters of larger capacity be developed for the use of central stations; and that the inestigation relative to these and meters for the total measurement of ampere output in the station itself be continued with a view of demonstrating the practicability of using the chemical system throughout. In pursuance of those motions the continuance of our work in these directions was authorized by Mr. Johnson March 20th. In addition to this a special request from the Bureau, countersigned by Mr. McClement, was sent to the laboratory under date of May 8th. I presume you may not havve had an opportunity to arrive at any definite conclusion, satisfactory to yourself as regards either of these matters. We are however, now obliged to make some recommendations at once to the Brooklyn, New York and Boston stations, as to the construction of a No.32, and a No. 64 meter. It is not desirable that they should be encouraged to order what might be termed experimental apparatus, neither are we as at present, informed, in position to indicate definitely, specifications for standard meters of these sizes. Under these circumstances please advise us what size plates you would consider best for use with 2, 3, or 4 No. 16 shunts connected in multiple. If there are to be two sizes of plates a convenient and perhaps practical dividing line may be made between the No. 16, and the No. 32, or to apply to all meters aboe a No. 16, whatever their capacity. We are now advising New York and Brooklyn to order meters for several hundred lamps with four No. 16 shunts in multiple arc, and if you will indicate to Mr. White, preferably in writing, your judgment as to the size of plate which may be for the present adopted, we will endeavor to agree here in the office, to unite with you in a decision which shall make the selected size at least a temporary standard.####Yours truly, W.J. Jenks, Director####[Note: numbers scrawled at the top of third page]####For all meter above 160 lamps on one side two bottles should be used on that end and also both plates in every bottle should invariably be weighed.####I am inclined to suggest use of # 4 plate for all meters above 160 lights on one side but this is question that can best be decided by considering the financial error involed If % of error not greater than smaller meter then # 2 plate can be continued. If however the error acced that for lower meter then layer plate advisable.####That all meters above 160 lights on a side should have one practical test before leaving makers hands.####[name mentions: John I Beggs, E.H Johnson, A.E Kennelly, W.J Jenks, Mr. McClement, Edison Electric Light Co.]




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