[D8936AAW], Letter from Scranton Illuminating Heat and Power Co, J E Parrish to Arthur Edwin Kennelly, October 26th, 1889


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[D8936AAW], Letter from Scranton Illuminating Heat and Power Co, J E Parrish to Arthur Edwin Kennelly, October 26th, 1889

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Office of The Scranton Illuminating Heat and Power Company####Scranton, PA., Oct 26 1889####Mr. A.E. Kennelly, Chf Elecr Edison Laboratory, Orange N.J, Dear Sir,####I wrote to ask you if you will kindly give me some information concerning the core & your agreement of the Edison Meter. I have read your paper on recent improvements in the preparation of plates, of plates, solutions, etc. in the minutes of the association, held in Kansas City, & I find that the instructions given our meter man does not agree with your ideas on the subject.####I probably had better give you a short history of our ------ & adophono meters.####This station started the third years new last January.####At the directors' meeting that month Mr. McClement made the resolution to adopt the meter system & it was adopted.####The engineering department sent a man here to [inspect?] our meter & get the first meters in [operation?]####We have put in the balance of the meters & ore now operatory 230 meters on commerical customers.####The first meter bills to customers were naturally high since the last six years in which to abuse contract-priveleges, Our first ----- of solutions came from Mr. Edison's laboratory or rather, the distilled water came from there, After that was used, my meter man was to use melted ice.####Our plotes ore filed & ------- ----- cold. I will send you by express this to some bottles as we have always prepared & also serve as they come back after a month now, so that you can see for yourself and adise us whether we should make any change.####According to the way some of out meters read, & the report--the customers [spoke?] of the use of the [dept? light?] I sometimes think something is [wrong? Awry?] although I always STAND BY THE METER. One customer came in yesterday & said he will take after ----- that be only burned 1-16 CP lamp 3 hours per day for one month & get his bill of 3/4 per `6 cp hour (that is the ------ for that note) a-----ted to $5.25. Another customer with six lamps had a bill averaging $15.00 per----- for two months. His gas bills were not over 6.00 per month. I took out his meter & put in another one of the same size & ----- bill on the new meter was 6.80 with the same lamps . I examined the wire & lamps & could not find any thing wrong. As the meter system is new here I expect to have complaints for some time, What I desire to know is the most proper & reliable way to heat the plates & prepare the solution, & I ask you to kindly point out any defects & make such suggestions as you think best.####If you think melted ice is not pure rye will get distilled water from the laboratory & if you think the plates should be central ----- but I am willing to provide for that plan.####I know that whatever you suggest will the safest & surest way & I will then feel assured that every meter is correct & can swear to it.####Yours respectfully, The Scrnaton Illuminating Heat & Power Co., J.E Parrish, Supt####[name mentions: J.E Parrish, Scranton Illuminating Heat & Power Co., A.E Kennelly, Association of Edison Illuminating Cos, John Hall McClement, Edison Meter, West Orange Laboratory, Thos Edison]




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