[D8940AAC], Letter from Edison United Manufacturing Co to Leonard and Izard, February 10th, 1888


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[D8940AAC], Letter from Edison United Manufacturing Co to Leonard and Izard, February 10th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[Enclosure]:####Exhibit "B" Copy### Referring to the agreements at present in force between us, by virtue of our two letters of Sept. 24 th. 1887 and our letter of Nov. 19 th. 1887, under which you represent us in Wisconsin, Iowa except in Council Bluffs, and in Illinois except in that portion south of a parrallel through St. Louis, we now make you the following proposition to take the place of our letter of concessions of Nov. 19 th. 1887. In case that any clause of the present letter is in conflict with the letters of Sept. 24 th., the present letter to be considered the ruling one.####First, we will allow you $4,000 per annum to be used in the payment of salaries and expenses of traveling agents in your territory. You to forward to us monthly vouchers covering such salaries and expenses, when we will return to you a check in settlement of the same; said checks to be made payable to the agents themselves. We hereby authorize you to withold any such check from any agent in your employ.####Otherwise than receiving such payments direct from us, said agents to be in every way entirely in your control, and we hereby agreement to interfere in any way with such control.####All contracts are to be made on forms mutually agreed upon between this company and yourselves; but we hereby agree not to alter such forms in such a way as to increase the expense of installing the plant, or to increase the obligations of the purchaser beyond those which are contained in the existing forms, without your consent.####It is understood that all payments on account of plants installed by you under contracts cclosed in our name shall be sent to you, and that we will not do anything to encourage the sending of such contracts direct to us. When such check is received by you, you are to send it forward to us, drawing on us at sight for that propotion of the check due you. We to pay the expenses of such drafts, etc.####Copies of contracts are to be kept on file in your office in Chicago and whenever a copy of any particular contract is requested by us, you are to send same to us promptly.####It is understood that the name of the purchaser, whether it is a cash central statino or an isolated plant, the contract price, and such salient points relative to the contract, are to be sent to us whenever you order the apparatus for a plant.####You to have the exclusive right to settle all disputed claims between yourselvves and purchasers of Edison apparatus.####We agree that we will not in any way interfere with such settlemen of disputed between yourselves and the purchasers except after 30 days' notice to that effect.####It is understood that we are to carry a stock of all such supplies for renewals as will enable you to meet the demands of customer in your territory. Lamps and armatures to be accepted from such supplies. We agree to carry for the plants in your territory one armature of each kind required to supply the demand of the territory, you to keep such armatures in good repair without further expense to use, In case you desire to purchase armatures to carry for renewals, theya re to be furnished to you at the same prices as other renewal supplies.####It is understood that orders for renewals of every description in your territory are to be sent to you, and we agree to not furnish any supplies in your territory at a price less than the consumer has been paying for such supplies previously, and that in case we fill any such order we are to bill the same to you at fifteen (15) per cent advance above net cost to us; and that you bill the goods to the consumer, lamps to be excepted from this. In the case of lamps, we agree to divide equally with you all profits derived from the sale of lamps of all kinds in your territory.####All supplies for remewals are to be furnished to you at 10 o/o above the actual net cost of same to us, you to receive the benefit of any reduction in prices to us upon any goods. Such supplies for renewals of purchased from us by you, to be settled for montly by a nine (9) months note without interest.####It is agreed that you are to represent us exclusively for the sale of all such supplies and apparatus as we control; and in case that any party infringes such right of yours, we will protect you in your rights as far as we are able to.####It is agreed that all Edison patented materials required for plants in your territory are to be ordered from this company. In case you purchase from us in any one year installation supplies either for your territory or outside of it, with our approval, for more than 8,000 lamps, based upon the lamp capacity of dynamos by the present list, you to be allowed on all purchased from us beyond that in said year, and required for three months from date of purchase, an additional seven & one-half per cent beyond the regular discount. This is to coer renewal supplies as well as those for original installations.####In case that for any reason we desire to annul this contract, we agree to give you three (3) months notice of the same in order that you may be able to reduce your stock of supplies and arrange your business so that you may suffer the least loss possible incident to the annuling of said contract. Similarly, you are to give us three months; notice in case you wish to annul this contract at any time.####[name mentions: Leonard & Izard, Edison Manufacturing Co.]





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