[D8940AAT], Letter from William Henry Meadowcroft to Thomas Alva Edison, March 5th, 1889


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[D8940AAT], Letter from William Henry Meadowcroft to Thomas Alva Edison, March 5th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Dear Sir:--####We are asked to make an estimate on a plant for transmitting 500 horse power 20 miles, to be delivered in the Mines of the Comstock. It is proposed to furnish a Company with a half of a million dollars capital to put in this plant.####We have figured on putting in dynamos of 1250 volts, running two in series so as to have 2500 volts at the generating end. We hae figured on a loss of 20% in the line, and a loss in the motors of 20%. With this arrangement, there would be required for the line 40 miles of copper rod one inch in diameter which would cost say $176,000.00 This of course is a large investment but the whole plant would certainly come within the proposed capitation.####As this is a very important plant, and we are going to make a special effort to get it, we write to you to ask if you think the above is the best arrangement in your opinion to carry out this purpose. If it is not, will you kindly indicate what would be the best, and we think that if you were to write us in such a way that we could show the letter out there, and your recommendation would carry with it a strong probability of selling the plant.####We regret to trouble you on a matter of this kind, but we think its magnitude will interest you and be our excuse for troubling you.####Yours truly,####The Edison United Mfg Co.####Wm H Meadowcroft <TAE marg: Use six thousand volts. 2500 volts on each Dynamos & 4 receiving motors all belted to one countershaft>




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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