[D8945AAW2], Letter from Eugene Bloodgood Beebe to Thomas Alva Edison, October 8th, 1889


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[D8945AAW2], Letter from Eugene Bloodgood Beebe to Thomas Alva Edison, October 8th, 1889

Editor's Notes

I have leave to congratulate you on the officiatinon you have received aboard and who to endure my financial article. Game In S.M. in which I have taken the liberty of making a brief inference to you germonical. All me to add that I have read the interacy india you recently published into much pleasure and instrive. I cannot but article that you may do much to your do frofiect of the worlds lair ahead and bring order out of chaos. The people of the and the first of the country, are influenced by commanding minds and they seem to divide you are the B. Franklin of the 19th century. No problem and that imagination ruled those unclud but with, Electricity is the lever of Archimedies and the fun a dynamo. As you have been aboard it may not have occurred to you that the opposition is using any Harlim of the Cultural Park. Seems to have been abolised by a look of real estate speculators who would scarifce du Fari and the city to carry direct current. They howl against this this use of a male furtion of the Parle us if it were a wundan laoucrese the vicim of us willying Tarqui. I am say that the world will be a "big ear " in the not distant future; but if secures to me direct second of the siter Committee have midas like car which named, like {ucks with encircle. I do not have see how sufficient ground can be obtain with an enormous refuse and intermible haible and quiet delays only once yorkire of the Park is used. To over come the popular objectives to the use of a small that of this reart. This aul you will agree with me and furmulate saw plans, sub military claim at your earliest convinience Allow me to suggest. I. That Electric formations be built a de north east corner of the Park of a permanent kind and litter close at Vrnoiles, so gran as to obtain a world renowned fame II. The de buildings erected in the parlor you du fair, shall be of each permanent construction and characters that they can be ould afterward you and in des plantes if a "zoo" and for house grandous, in dichotomy season of the year. III That this other attractions of the Dair other be so novel direct handles will come your all furonts of the du ewarned be disarm. Victor Hugo in his acound of the the funeral of Napoleon be grand, fictious de colossol statues erected on that occasion on the beauterancts: therer obstacles are of plastic and of a limperacy bind. Such grad plaques such be erected never then Fuin buildings of Ferdinand and his consert Columbus, Eulides, Sir Issac Newton, Franklin, Morse, Peter Cufre and is the imperecptable Edison IV. This building should be of outh of architecture of refroucout same grand building in each country. Exhibiting at the exposition timory you will embrace some of thiese ideas






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