[D8945AAW3], Letter from Francis I Palmer to Thomas Alva Edison, October 8th, 1889



Some six months since I had the pleasure of calling upon you at your laboratory with my friend W A Foster Higgins of 50 Wallsheet, re. the Jamison Chemical Battery. I would visit you now, his am like yourself a very busy man, and the subject matter which I send is this same man explains itself. What I desire to know is whether you will associate yourself with us in aiding the world's fair, by being responsible fofr the proper lighting and light affrects desired to present the moon and starry firmiment. Many novelties will doubtless suggest themselves in this connection . I am confident that no man living is better at the perform the I have laid out for youself, rig: The construction of the Building and Roof and the Building of the model. My experience on top of Mountain Peeks, and a bridge vision of my New York Harbor filled with water. Assure theym the pictural affect, especially at night time with side lights turned out, will be magnificant, magnificant beyond all personal belief, to say nothing of the historical talkaways that could produce and the immersable profible uses to which such a building coulput. I am equally sure that you can desire some lighting system and produce light affects that would startle the world with their beauty. The truble as I forsee is the conparatively small hieghts of ceiling for the ground space covered. This, however can make 80 in 180 feet high if it is believed that the result will justify the extra cost. I herefore will ask think on preperation impertient on too small for your world wide reputation, and that you will agree with me in thinking that the occasion is worthy your amker mind. PS For the present please treat this commuication and the papers as confidential








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[D8945AAW3], Letter from Francis I Palmer to Thomas Alva Edison, October 8th, 1889

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