[D8945ABF1], Letter from Henry Robinson Towne to Thomas Alva Edison, December 1889


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[D8945ABF1], Letter from Henry Robinson Towne to Thomas Alva Edison, December 1889

Editor's Notes

The substance of the following letter has been discussed with other members of the several committees on the World's Fair in New York, with many representatives engineers and architects, and with numerous intelligent visitors to Paris during the past Summer. Everyone thus consulted, without exception, has expressed concurrence in the views presented by the letter, the only doubt being as to the expediency of discussing the matte rat the present time. The primary questions relating to the great project must be determined by Congress, and are now about to come before it for discussion. Time is one of these, and the arguments concerning it apply irrespective of locality. If these views commend themselves to your judgment it is hoped that you will give such expresions to them as will tend to promote the object which is sought. In an address delivered November 19th before the American Society of Mechanical Engieers, I suggested the expendiency of securing more time for the work of preparation for the proposed International Exhibition. So much publicity has been given to that suggestion, and it has been so generally misstated, that I am prompted to repeat it in its complete and correct form, and to thus submit it to the consideration of those who have the welfare of that great National project at heart, and who are concerned that it should be in all respects worthy of the Nation and of the event which it is to commemorate, and that, therefore, it should fully represent the best that we, as a people, are compable of doing. My suggestion is this: that we would needlessly anticipate the anniversary of the great discovery by Columbus by a celebration commencing in May, 1892, more than five months before the proper date, and that it will be better and more fitting to commemorate that event upon its precise anniversary, October 12th b the unveiling or dedication then of the permanent memorial to the discover, presumably




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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