[D8949ABO], Letter from Bristol Iron Co Ltd, Caleb C Symons to Thomas Alva Edison, July 20th, 1889



[TAE marg: The process is for concentrating Iron ores from 30 percent to 65-67 per cent & eliminating phosphorous sulphur without washing.##The smallest size mill we make is 200 tons Crude ore capacity for 24 hours-- we lose about 3 to 4 percent of iron tailings.##We take contracts to separate erecting the mill with our own Capital or or errect mill at cost and charge royalty E] I see by the Canadian Mining Review that you have applied for the desulphorizing of magnetic Iron ores. My cause for addressing you is this. We have here three calcium kilns livo from plans of the Taylor Langoour klins and one similarly to the Dars Colby in which we use gas fuel. Produced from coal. I take from there to five tons of coal to one hundred tons of Four ore properly heated. Four mills from the mine are splendid. Water powre an be had to any extended desred now it sees from our Locahion is good for such an agent as Elechine process. ## 1st is your process effective. 2nd can it be applied to the above klin. 3rd what would be the cost to held the same heat as say 60000 feet of gas or one line of hard coal. 4th what would the cost of Plant be we providing the water power. 5th would it be advisable to have sufficient added to work our machinery at mine at least of take about 200 HP to new our Hersing Engine air compressor pumpster. An answer will much oblige.








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[D8949ABO], Letter from Bristol Iron Co Ltd, Caleb C Symons to Thomas Alva Edison, July 20th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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