[D8949ABV], Letter from Bristol Iron Co Ltd, Caleb C Symons to Thomas Alva Edison, July 30th, 1889


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[D8949ABV], Letter from Bristol Iron Co Ltd, Caleb C Symons to Thomas Alva Edison, July 30th, 1889

Editor's Notes

[TAE marg: "Insull write & say Im just off to Paris Exposition & will correspond on return in Oct. Meantime send sample."] Your favor 25th to land. From what I saw in the papers was under the impression you roaslice the ore to eliminate the Suphur with Electricity or in other words burnt it [illeg]. Our magnetic ore carry from 62 too 67% of iron practicallly no phosphorous one two thousands with from 1/2 to 3% of sulphur. I note you before we have three kiln. For carrying out the sulphor by the use of gas it costs us now about 60 cents per ton to get rid of the sulphur to say 25/100 of one of we have a very large body of ore here as you can see rich in some and almost withdraws Phos. We are down in one slope about 150 ft. We have expended about 200.000 in purchase development and transport and cross. ## And when I saw in the papers about your process I have helped that we could apply your agents here to advantage but from what I can gather your plan is more for the matting poor ore high in soon by removing the Silica than a desulphuring only. ## Just I would be pleased to hear from you tomorrow how low you reduce the refined sulphur and at the average price per ton our ore here is of a soft nature and very easy to crush if not by hear by what process you dispose of the sulphur in our case could electricity be used as a heating agent in place of coal gas. I don't understand this matter but it seems to me it could be so used to an advantage. What tile the mill cross to heat say 200 tons in 25 hours. An answer will much oblige P.S. any information you can give consistantly will be thankful received. CCS.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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